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The Dark Call Project was born with the concept of developing an exploration and adventure game for Sega Mega Drive, today considered a popular genre in the indie scene and in the 16-bit era which was very well represented with classics like SNES Super Metroid and Demon's Crest.
With this objective, we started a partnership with
Danilo Dias from Joy Masher to create a remake of the game Odallus on Mega Drive.
The game is being developed in
 SGDK, a free development kit created by Stephane Dallongeville.


Bodies hanging from the trees, fog on the dark side of the forest, skeletons hidden in the field, this is the hostile scenario that will find Haggis sword.


Odallus was designed with a stunning dark fantasy / horror, which perfectly emulates the color palette of 8-bit consoles, with direction by Danilo Dias, we recreated some sprites and brought new ones to compose the Mega Drive version.

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Music and sound effects are the main pillars in the production of games, they carry the feeling of creating the rhythm and all the atmosphere necessary for the player's immersion.
In the sound department, we worked on new arrangements for the beautiful songs by Tiago Santos (Serenati) and also created others for the Mega Drive port. 

On the technical side, tools like Deflemask work together with XGM sound drive are used to unlock the full potential of the Yamaha sound chip.

The Dark Forest Area 1D Amaro - Original by Tiago Santos ( Serenati )
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Danilo Dias

  • Director

 Danilo is designer and creator of Odallus. Together with Thais Weiller he is the co-founded of Joymasher.


  • Pixel Art

Synce 2004 studying and improving mega drive games, has done several ports from arcade platform since then.


D Amaro

  • Music development

Working in the CGI industries for more then 10 years,  D Amaro has devolved a solid body of work in both fields, musical and visual.


  • Project managment

Designer by formation, Chev is an audiovisual artist and a project manager, working in the market since 2006.

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